About Vietnam Kites

Vietnam Kites is a Kite Shop established and developed by Dieu Sao. We mainly focus on promoting, distributing and selling Vietnamese traditional kites, kite flutes and kite accessories. All products introduced on our website are crafted from skillful hands, unique and meticulous creativity of famous kite artists in Vietnam. As nearly 30 years of experience in kite flyers and kite makers, we understand the real values ​​and techniques to create beautiful kites that fly well and flutes that are extremely delicate in form as well as beautiful about sound, and we would like to introduce and share to you the works of art that we have carefully selected from famous artists. Instilled with dreams, longing for freedom and childhood experiences, we want to spread and connect kite players in Vietnam and around the world together: closer, more solidarity and more compassion!

Vietnam Kites

Our Mission
Vietnam Kites always tries and makes efforts to become a reliable contact that kite players think about firstly when they are interested in buying wonderful kites, high quality flute assemblies and accessories.

– We commit to offer the best and most valuable products to kite players all over the world.
– We try our best to help customers easily access kite and kite flute products that are really made by reputable Vietnamese artisans.
– To introduce Vietnamese traditional kites and kite flutes our friends all over the world in order to preserve and promote the unique “Dieu Sao”.

Our major products
– Flute-carrying kites: self-assembly kites, flat-wing kites, curved-wing kites (also known as “Moon Wing”).
– Kite flutes: typical melodies such as harmony tone, train whistle tone, mixed harmony & train whistle tone and bell tone from well-known regions in the Red River Delta of Vietnam.
Show kites (or inflatable kites) and led kites such as Trilobite, Ray, Octopus…

We commit to provide the best quality products, in the shortest time with reasonable and competitive prices.

Thank you for shopping on Vietnam Kites. Safe flights!