One Team, One Vision

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At Vietnam Kites, our core vision is to connect people to life-enriching kite hobbies. We deliver this to our customers through the kite flying experiences we offer, and, to our team members, through our diverse and unique culture, grounded in a love of wind, sky and kite.

The culture at Vietnam Kites takes different forms – it’s the daily Dieu Sao flying, the collaborative product planning sessions, the yearly offsite team celebrations, the friendly chat with teammates by the green tea pot, and our innovative spirit; a part of everything we do.

Being a member of the Vietnam Kites team means having unified goals and objectives, ensuring that we always win as one. We empower our teams to achieve their best by cultivating a challenging, collaborative environment (one that happily welcomes office pups!) While the responsibility for excellence remains yours, your efforts will always be met in kind by a team of like-minded, creative professionals.

Our culture enables our success, and through diversity, open and respectful values, and an ever-playful attitude, you won’t simply evolve your career, you’ll enjoy every experience and game along the way.

For more details regarding Careers & Cooperation, please contact us:
• Hotline 24/7 or Zalo: 0354565 188
• Email: [email protected]

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