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27cm Speedy Winder Kite Reel


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The Speedy Winder Kite Reel is well made and holds plenty of line. It has hand crank that let you reel kite in like its a fishing line. This is by far the easiest and quickest way to reel your kite in.


This 27cm Speedy Winder Kite Reel has a locking mechanism to prevent releasing of kites line. It is easy to dispense line with control of brakes. It has great line capacity, recommended for kites with sizes of 300 – 400cm.

Molded from high-impact ABS plastic, the reel has built-in ball bearing steel raceways for smooth low-friction operation. Comfortable grip and large handle is a joy to use and an integrated “dead bolt” locking mechanism allows for relaxed and secure parking at any altitude.

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