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8-meter Octopus Kite


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This 8-meter Octopus Kite is really easy to fly in a light breeze and could be flown by an older child as well as an adult. It looks great in the sky and everyone takes notice when it’s flying.

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Inflatable Kite

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This octopus kite is an easy inflatable one to fly for everyone. It is very durable and doesn’t need assembly. Just unfurl the kite, hook it to a stout line and the Octopus will fly well in 14+ kph breezes. Once up in the air you can tie it off and leave the kite for hours. It’s quite big enough and certainly an attention grabber. Be prepared to have everyone around come over to tell you what an amazing kite you have because they will lol!

Note: Because of its size you will need more than a soft breeze to keep it airborne. Be sure to twist lead lines when packing it up. This way they won’t tangle. For start up, keep its mouths open and shake the legs out to fill with air and up it goes!

Size: 1,2m x 8m (wide x length).

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  1. Elaine Solis

    Received the kite on time, good condition and quality, easy to fly and very visible. Practically flies itself with very low wind. I have several hours of airtime on mine, and not a thread out of place. Excellent investment. Perhaps I should try a dieu sao from Vietnam Kites next time.

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