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4-Meter Bamboo Self-Assembly Kite


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This Flamboyant designed kite with its 4-meter wingspan can carry flutes strongly. It requires a group of 3-4 adults to launch and land down. The kite flies well in the wind grade of 16-35kph.

Type of kite

Flat-wing, Self-assembly kite






Ripstop Nylon

Suitable wind level


Flutes to carry



This self-assembly flat-wing kite is 4 meters in length of the wing spars. It is a big flute kite size, thus you are required to work as a team (2-3 adults) to launch it up, to control it safely and to land it down. The kite has a split bamboo frame that is covered with a polyester fabric.

– Skin: ripstop nylon (polyester).
– Design: a Red Flamboyant Flower centered by multi colours of Blue, Green, Yellow & Red.
– Bone: bamboo.
– Carrying capacity: 800 grams (maximum).

If you are a beginning player of flute kite, we recommend you choosing our Moon-wing flute kites, which are much easier and safer to fly and control than the flat-wing ones. Though it requires more training time and skills, the flat wing kite carrying flutes offers you some unique experiences while taking-off and landing. It could fly in slow wind and shake in the air (to get more wind and to keep the balance) better than the Moon-wing ones.

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