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7-color Kite Led Bulb


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This 7-color LED for kite has a light sensor and control circuit, so you can change colors and speed modes as your interest. A set of the product includes 1 led bulb, 1 high-capacity battery, 1 charger and user manual.


This 7-color kite led is attached with a light sensor and a control circuit for you to change colors and speed modes. The product includes a high-quality battery, which can be recharged using a convenient USB port.

Although there is only one button-shaped bulb, the led light is very bright, can be seen clearly even when the kite is flown at a distance of 500m and 1km away from the base of the kite. The led bulb has a light sensor, so it will turn off during the day to save battery; when it is dark enough, the light will automatically turn on. The led is also integrated with a control circuit for you to adjust the colors as you like or flashing all 7 colors a round. You can also choose a fast or slow flashing speed as your interest.

With the included high-capacity battery, you can fly your kite with this led for 2 or 3 nights with each drop of about 4 hours before needing to recharge the battery.

The weight of this light kit with the battery is suitable to attach on a kite (from 2.4 meters). It is recommended to hang the light and battery at the top (head) of the kite.

The led is water resistance (rain, or when the kite is dropped into a pond/ river), but Vietnam Kites recommends that you should keep it carefully and limit it contacting with water.


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