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Monofilament Kite Line


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People in Vietnam often use monofilament fishing line for flute kites because of its outstanding advantages and the price is very cheap in comparison to other types of lines on the market (for example Kevlar or Dacron). It is single string of line, also known as a sinking line, made from HDPE plastic and is usually opaque white.


People in Vietnam often use monofilament line to fly flute kites because it is cheap and durable. The line is sold in kilograms and bundled into a roll.

You should wear rubber gloves or have painted surfaces (paint gloves mostly used in construction industry, about 5,000 VND per pair) to protect your hands from burning! The line is very slippery if it is wet because of water or fog), so gloves will help you to be able to pull or hold the kite line more safely.

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