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Thermal Printed “Chicken Family” Flute Kite


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The 4.2-meter moon wing kite was made by our Vietnamese artisan. Its shape is a mixture of Thai Binh and Kien Thuy traditional flute kites. It can carry flutes strongly and also suitable for international kite players.

Type of kite

Moon-wing (Curved), Self-assembly kite






Ripstop Nylon

Suitable wind level


Flutes to carry



The wing-span of this kite is 4.2 meters in length. Its kite cloth covering is thermal printed on the ripstop nylon based on the well-known Dong Ho painting’s Chicken Family (Good luck wish). A set of this flute kite is includes the main sail (wing), tail surface and carbon fibre bones.

– Fabric: Ripstop nylon.
– Design: Thermal print of “Chicken Family”, a well-known traditional Dong Ho Folk Painting in Vietnam.
– Bones: Carbon.
– Carrying capacity: 1.2 kilograms (maximum).

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