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Dragon Boat Kite


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The 3D Dragon Boat is an impressive looking kite. When the wind is strong enough and steady, the kite flies well though it is not a high flyer. Looks really cool while flying and even as decoration in the house.

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This 3D Dragon Boat Kite is awesome and looks great in the sky. Assembly is a little more involved than a standard kite, but the design makes it super easy and can be done in a few minutes. In the air, the dragon sail kite has no issue getting up and staying up. For any kite, consistent wind is key to a great flying experience. Both kids & adults can have a great time with this kite. Everything needed to fly this unique kite is included in the package and it is “ready to fly”.

Size: 90cm x 20cm x 75cm (Length x Wide x Height).
Materials: bamboo rods & polyester nylon.

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