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Dual Line Framed Stunt Kite


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While normal diamond kites, delta kites, and other single-line kites are fun in their own right, nothing compares to the thrill and skill of flying a dual line framed Stunt Kite! This stunt kite can perform all types of tricks and turns including a fun looking 360 spiral.

Type of kite

2-line Sport




Carbon & Fiberglass


Ripstop PC20

Flutes to carry



The stunt kite is an arrow head shape, assembles itself! Extremely tight turning, this dual line framed stunt kite loves to stall and tricks with ease. A forgiving flier in moderate winds, it gets more responsive and trickier in light winds. An excellent kite for ambitious trick pilots, it lets you start out easy and then fly in less wind as you get better. Made of ripstop nylon on a graphite frame.

• 2.2m wingspan.
• 40 Denier ripstop nylon.
• Fiberglass frame.
• Super quick and easy assembly.
• Kite line on handles included.
• Wind range: 8-29 kph (5 to 8 mph).
• Age rating: 10 to Adult.


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