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Dual Line Stunt Kite


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Dual line framed Stunt Kites enable pilots to steer, maneuver and perform tricks. Easy to assemble and fun to fly.

Type of kite

2-line Sport




Carbon & Fiberglass


Ripstop Nylon

Flutes to carry



This stunt kite assembles itself! It’s amazing how the Dual Line Stunt Kite opens up like an umbrella; just attach one end of the top spar and you’re done. Disassembly is just as simple and there are no parts to lose. Easy to fly, it’s a moderate speed kite with good precision and quick, tight turns. SkyTails, plastic “D” handles & line included!

• Skill level: Beginnerl
• Size: 180cm (70 inches).
• Package dimensions: 48 x 6 x 2 inches.
• Sail material: Nylon.
• Airframe: Fiberglass.
• Age Rating: 10 to adult.
• Wind Range: 11-29kph (7-18mhp).


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