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Incredible Bicycle Kite


This incredible Bicycle Kite is a copy version from Taiwanese kite maker Tsan-Huang Feng. The kite floats through the air like it’s out of a fantasy movie. As you fly this unique kite, it will be wowing spectators.

Type of kite

Show Kite


Ripstop Nylon


Carbon & Fiberglass




This Bicycle Kite is a copy from Tsan-Huang Feng, a renowned kite designer in Taiwan (though he has made many incredible kites, this one just may be his masterpiece). It’s a man riding a bike in the sky. Not only do the pedals works, the kite stays perfectly balanced, even without a tail. As you fly this unique kite, it will be wowing spectators.

The kite (handmade in Vietnam) can flies independently at wind speed of 12-18kph (a pilot is not necessary).


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